Compositor AI-RT1024 max for live released!

To report you on a current status of artificial intelligence project I started in 2012 is to say that things started to go its way in a right direction. The technology and formulas I named in the Compositor – the bottom-up approach paper led me to conclusion that using the modification I can achieve virtualization of most devices, which I need for human-like robot operation. To run this myriad of instruments I need a host, which is Ableton Live 9 with Max for Live technology came up as a fast and reliable solution. I decided to stay on a track of algorithmic composition as a medium of product positioning to be on a safe side, because it is hard to realize why one needs AI inside Ableton, which is perfectly for human creativity intension. Yet, I found my way to start operating Ableton Live 9 as a microkernel suitable for launching up to four Compositor Software virtual machines on my current system. This is enough to consider the orchestra thus I entered the world of orchestrating virtual machines, which is one step further of current developments of such large companies such as Microsoft, which still stay on the instrumentation level. My current intent is to turn my server every time I need a proof that technology is reliable and successfully virtualizes v12 engine with most of subsequent parameters.

AI-RT1024 is a good start to show what is needed for real-time artificial intelligence operation in quantum dynamics terms, which XXI century will shed a light into. I started with a simple function and quantized it to a 16th note grid. However this is not the only property of AI-RT1024, which is on its own can produce the effect, which every successful virtualization can do: exchanging real part for its virtual counterpart and continue its operation in terms of thinking and visualization. The AI is personalization and one can briefly understand my approach if I name it this way. The concept of personal artificial intelligence is far beyond of what modern futurologists can say in articles and their dreams. There are two schools: personal artificial intelligence and collective artificial intelligence named in such films as Terminator with its SkyNet. First we develop personalities, later we encourage them to give primer to the audience. This is how collective artificial intelligence arouses. The SkyNet prototype is Ethernet and here is why they have a coincidence in their titles. I would like to say that quantization and quantum operation of classical mechanics law such as frequency modulation can shed a light into the sphere of machine operation with variable frequency, which used in music can show an examples of subsequent changes in rhythm and dynamics. Thus used as an intelligent music machine AI-RT1024 can bring a value to control emotional and behavioral institutes, which human mind can only be.

Posted on 2015 Apr 29 by ruslan
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Compositor v9 Hypervisor provides the Ethernet communication service based on DRM (Digital Rights Management) server. This server realizes the work based on IEEE802.1Q Ethernet protocol with frame of 262144 samples. Two initial buses of the virtual machines, running on Compositor v9 Hypervisor server, translate in VLF range. SHF work is realized using the algorithm with x2048 oversampling, which allows exiting in high frequency radio ether without intermediate frequency in VHF and UHF ranges. Virtual machines, running in Compositor v9 Hypervisor DRM server, have demodulation algorithms capable of transmitting the wideband signal such as voice or music. Maximum pass-band of the server depends on the discretization frequency, by which the executed algorithm works. Compositor Software virtual machines work with discretization frequency, which depends on your processor speed and audio driver settings. For optimal sound conditions Compositor v9 Hypervisor uses 11.025 kHz sample-rate with the pass-band of 5512.5 Hz.

Compositor 9 key features:

  • Weighting coefficients
  • Network level feeding
  • DRM server
  • DSP oversampling
  • Voice or music broadcast
  • DSP hardwired to sampling rate
  • On-Air mode
  • Device browser
  • Tracing and translation
  • RAD96 peering network
  • DRM server subscribption service
  • Tracing industry novelty
  • DRM server emission mode
  • Auxiliary z matching
  • 8th generation operation system
  • Three saturation stages
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