Boosty - Velotone EP release

Ruslan Yusipov continues his artist career with a sole EP release on Dutch Pitch records. The Velotone EP under Boosty moniker is set to be released on 04.21.2014 to a wide range of music shops including iTunes, Beatport and others. Now you can buy Boosty – Velotone EP in pre-sale on Beatport. If you wish to send your feedback, use the contact form on the site. 

New music facilitates ones taste and Ruslan’s approach is governed not by a genre roots but by the deep understanding of its background. The Velotone as the name says is the approach discovered to use of note articulation in sound design. “The root comes from the vegetable” as modern scientific beliefs say and so do many spheres of our life. Yet, the only approach suitable is to know the universal truth, which gains ones opinion on some subject and discusses it.

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Compositor version 2 released

I’m happy to present Compositor version 2 software released to a wide audience. Note the difference came with the latest build of Compositor software, which undergone serious modifications. You can build your own knowledge by browsing an updated site, visiting Compositor version 2 dedicated web page, watch video, listen to playlist of selected Compositor tracks and read description of key features. It is all built to facilitate you in a process of circumventing the knowledge, which we already knew and then to receive a new portion of it. It is not difficult to understand that my approach is to help you in a process of understanding beautiful myriads of new features, which come with the second version. However, I’d like you to notice that probability you will find yourself using this software is dependent upon your view on the music industry perspectives. By no means, I declare that the existence of this software is a mere fact of one and only possible solution to techno music development process.

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Compositor 1.3.3 Mac OS X Mavericks support

Today Compositor software updated to fit the last statement in the Mac world, which is OS X Mavericks. The whole software has no new functionality or bug fixes. It is just an update to fit compatibility issues with Mavericks. You can download Compositor 1.3.3 by using a button at the bottom of the page.

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Compositor v9 Hypervisor provides the Ethernet communication service based on DRM (Digital Rights Management) server. This server realizes the work based on IEEE802.1Q Ethernet protocol with frame of 262144 samples. Two initial buses of the virtual machines, running on Compositor v9 Hypervisor server, translate in VLF range. SHF work is realized using the algorithm with x2048 oversampling, which allows exiting in high frequency radio ether without intermediate frequency in VHF and UHF ranges. Virtual machines, running in Compositor v9 Hypervisor DRM server, have demodulation algorithms capable of transmitting the wideband signal such as voice or music. Maximum pass-band of the server depends on the discretization frequency, by which the executed algorithm works. Compositor Software virtual machines work with discretization frequency, which depends on your processor speed and audio driver settings. For optimal sound conditions Compositor v9 Hypervisor uses 11.025 kHz sample-rate with the pass-band of 5512.5 Hz.

Compositor 9 key features:

  • Weighting coefficients
  • Network level feeding
  • DRM server
  • DSP oversampling
  • Voice or music broadcast
  • DSP hardwired to sampling rate
  • On-Air mode
  • Device browser
  • Tracing and translation
  • RAD96 peering network
  • DRM server subscribption service
  • Tracing industry novelty
  • DRM server emission mode
  • Auxiliary z matching
  • 8th generation operation system
  • Three saturation stages
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