The site is a place for thinkers of different values and it can be a legal point to view this resource as a particular generative for the modern art and its approach. We look on every point so mechanically, yet at the end we find it living within our own system of values with mind pictures of our own. I agree that no one on earth has the same set of values, yet without this, we cannot make groups of people who follow the same goal. In addition, here is where I'd like to start for those who want to develop an approach for algorithmic techno music. This music consist of sound design predefined within a run of some specific process and we all knew this process so well that to find out what it means for us is very simple. We do look at the watch every day and yet we need to discuss the particular time or event in time where we stop and prepare for some imaginative or not so imaginative situation.

"The process comes first" - someone may admit, I prepare you to the solution where the process is the only known feature and later you will know how it is interconnected with all we look at.

Posted on 2013 Aug 13 by ruslan
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Technology and people are ready for a great leap in the music industry to refuse from hard work producing and performing electronic dance music. The algorithmic composition instrument Compositor made available the opportunity to enhance a new way of living, where most of the work done automatically, not by a human being. The artificial intelligence of Compositor software made available the highest standard in techno music generation. You can turn the Auto on button on and store rhythmic and tonal structures on the fly using the available snapshots. The whole idea of algorithmic performance came to us with the beliefs that humanity must be free from hard work process. Now the only need is to control parameters of real-time performance such as effects and rhythmic instrument occurrences.

Compositor v2 key features:

  • One-window layout visual appearance
  • One-dial performance parameters operation
  • Time prediction of stochastic parameter changes
  • Fully automated real-time synthesis of sequence structures
  • Redesigned mixer
  • Midi-learn functionality
  • Snapshot of every parameter
  • Quality minimal techno music sound
  • Over billion possible parameter combinations
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