The site is a place for thinkers of different values and it can be a legal point to view this resource as a particular generative for the modern art and its approach. We look on every point so mechanically, yet at the end we find it living within our own system of values with mind pictures of our own. I agree that no one on earth has the same set of values, yet without this, we cannot make groups of people who follow the same goal. In addition, here is where I'd like to start for those who want to develop an approach for algorithmic techno music. This music consist of sound design predefined within a run of some specific process and we all knew this process so well that to find out what it means for us is very simple. We do look at the watch every day and yet we need to discuss the particular time or event in time where we stop and prepare for some imaginative or not so imaginative situation.

"The process comes first" - someone may admit, I prepare you to the solution where the process is the only known feature and later you will know how it is interconnected with all we look at.

Posted on 2013 Aug 13 by ruslan
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Compositor v9 Hypervisor provides the Ethernet communication service based on DRM (Digital Rights Management) server. This server realizes the work based on IEEE802.1Q Ethernet protocol with frame of 262144 samples. Two initial buses of the virtual machines, running on Compositor v9 Hypervisor server, translate in VLF range. SHF work is realized using the algorithm with x2048 oversampling, which allows exiting in high frequency radio ether without intermediate frequency in VHF and UHF ranges. Virtual machines, running in Compositor v9 Hypervisor DRM server, have demodulation algorithms capable of transmitting the wideband signal such as voice or music. Maximum pass-band of the server depends on the discretization frequency, by which the executed algorithm works. Compositor Software virtual machines work with discretization frequency, which depends on your processor speed and audio driver settings. For optimal sound conditions Compositor v9 Hypervisor uses 11.025 kHz sample-rate with the pass-band of 5512.5 Hz.

Compositor 9 key features:

  • Weighting coefficients
  • Network level feeding
  • DRM server
  • DSP oversampling
  • Voice or music broadcast
  • DSP hardwired to sampling rate
  • On-Air mode
  • Device browser
  • Tracing and translation
  • RAD96 peering network
  • DRM server subscribption service
  • Tracing industry novelty
  • DRM server emission mode
  • Auxiliary z matching
  • 8th generation operation system
  • Three saturation stages
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