New demo track for Compositor

Today I'd like to reveal some more functionality of my Compositor software and would like you to listen to the new demo on soundcloud, which is called Spring contraction. For many of us who are got acquainted with the function output it seems something related to phenomena's described in previous work as the swing of pendulum or dynamic spring contraction mechanism. Most of all waveguide resonator processes the sound and gives unique hollow like quality. All in all rhythmic distinguishing from other pieces is achieved on a half beat structure with subliminal low pulsing.

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Compositor 1.3.3 released

Today numbers mean anything and yet it's important to note that Compositor still engaging us in a game, which I predict as a deterministic process to remove human being from a hard work. Let's enjoy Compositor 1.3.3 fully automatable algorithmic composition system with a set of new features. To learn more read full news, otherwise you will miss the show completely.

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Album Mean released

To introduce myself as an algorithmic composition artist I let you follow my ideas in the direction of a scientific research I've done building Compositor software. Each track represents a stage on a path performed and hence its sound. To reach my audience I would like you to follow the steps and to listen the decisions made by me on what harmonic structures better represent each step. You can find a selection of sounds in each work but do not be confused as it is an algorithm and nonlinear synthesis technics, which produce an actual result. I also properly employed physical modeling and you may hear the authentic crackles associated with waveguide internal buffer.

You can buy and listen to an album on my bandcamp page:

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Technology and people are ready for a great leap in the music industry to refuse from hard work producing and performing electronic dance music. The algorithmic composition instrument Compositor made available the opportunity to enhance a new way of living, where most of the work done automatically, not by a human being. The artificial intelligence of Compositor software made available the highest standard in techno music generation. You can turn the Auto on button on and store rhythmic and tonal structures on the fly using the available snapshots. The whole idea of algorithmic performance came to us with the beliefs that humanity must be free from hard work process. Now the only need is to control parameters of real-time performance such as effects and rhythmic instrument occurrences.

Compositor v2 key features:

  • One-window layout visual appearance
  • One-dial performance parameters operation
  • Time prediction of stochastic parameter changes
  • Fully automated real-time synthesis of sequence structures
  • Redesigned mixer
  • Midi-learn functionality
  • Snapshot of every parameter
  • Quality minimal techno music sound
  • Over billion possible parameter combinations
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